Parkers Cleaners
1744 Ellesmere Rd
Scarborough, Ontario M1H 2V5
Telephone: 416-431-5174
Fax: 416-497-1983

Company overview for Parkers Cleaners

Industry: Cleaners
Supply chain placement: Unknown
Year founded: Unknown
Number of employees: Unknown
Annual sales: CAD $2.5 million

Company profile

Pickup and drop-off sites for drycleaners and laundries, Fur garment cleaning services, Leather garment cleaning services, Drapery cleaning services, Laundries (except coin-operated, linen supply, uniform supply), Garment cleaning (e.g., fur, leather, suede) services, Power laundries, family, Agents, laundry and drycleaning, Cleaning and dyeing plants (except rug cleaning plants), Collecting and distributing agents, laundry and drycleaning, Laundry and drycleaning agents, Drycleaning plants ...

Business opportunities



Ara Ammahouni